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Web Designer

西野 藍


I`m a travel writer, photographer, web designer, translator, & MORE !!


Born in Nagoya, Japan, I then went on to study fashion design for a few years. After schooling, I was able to work with an apparel company for 5 years. At the age of 25, I decided to leave Japan and see the rest of the world.


Tanzania was first, where I became a teacher for fashion design with the help of JICA volunteers [a volunteer program run by the Japanese government]. After these 2 years, I started to travel around the world. From the beginning of my adventure until now I am always fascinated by new cultures and ideas.


During my time, living in Montreal Canada, I began to do photography/videography/and write about my travels in life on my blog.


Now I am currently working with different companies throughout the world as a writer and graphic designer.


If your in need of any work, have any ideas about collaborating or just want to share your stories as well please contact me through the various social networking sites of your preference.  

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